AM Archive Media

At a Glance

A medium speed, high resolution film for use in the Fujifilm AR-1000 digital image to microfilm archiving systems.

Fujifilm AM Archive Media has been specially designed for use in the Fujifilm AR-1000 archiving system. AM Archive Media is best suited for long-term preservation of important documents and valuable digital data.


  • Superior Image Quality: New emulsion and anti-halation layer specially formulated for AR-1000 LED light source provides high resolution, high contrast and sharp image quality.
  • The new anti-halation undercoat also improves base clearness for lower minimum density.
  • Wide Processing Compatibility: Works well in standard microfilm processing environments.
  • Manufactured to meet ISO and ANSI standards for LE 500.


  • 2.5 and 5 mil clear polyester base with process survivable anti-static backing
  • 16mm configurations
  • 100 and 215 foot lengths

Compatible Fujifilm Chemistry

  • Fujifilm 537 Developer (1:7 deep tank dilution)
  • Fujifilm 455 Fixer (1:4 dilution)
  • Fujifilm 140/141 Ready to use developer and fixer for table top applications

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